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A bit about me...

Thanks for taking a look at the site! Just in case we haven’t met or you are unaware, here is a little bit about me and my ministry.

I've been married to the wonderful Sally since September 1979. we have three great kids and six awesome grandchildren!

Starting with Youth for Christ back in the late 1970s I was involved with outreach to high schools, colleges and universities mainly in the UK.

Added to this my ministry often took me into local churches conducting area wide missions.

Alongside all of this came the opportunity to help plant three churches in Derby, Malvern and Wolverhampton.

Photograph of a young Gary Gibbs
Map of Derby
Photograph of a young Gary Gibbs
Photograph of Gary Gibbs

Since 2006, I have led the national REACH Department for the Elim churches UK with responsibility to develop the evangelistic and church planting arm of the Movement.

Over the years it has been my privilege to preach and teach in numerous countries across five continents. 

As you might guess, these various roles have taught me an awful lot about mission, ministry and church leadership!

I hold a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters in Applied Theology.

 In this new season for me I am passionate to give away as much of what I have learnt as possible and so multiply effectiveness.

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