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No ministry can be everywhere at once - only God can do that! 

Over recent years I have written and produced material which has been 'field tested' and found to be effective. 

So, whether you want

  • a simple booklet which can be given away to seekers

  • a 12 week nurture course for new believers or

  • a book which explores the biblical material on discipleship and then shows how to implement discipleship pathways

Well, you may well find the following useful!

The Discipleship Lifestyle

The Discipleship Lifestyle

The Discipleship Lifestyle - how disciples develop disciples.

"Gary Gibbs passionately makes the case that without a clear discipleship framework, believers are destined to experience a sub-normal faith. He has spent the last four decades in ministry as an international evangelist, church planter, leader and theological college lecturer.

This book is born out of his experience in equipping new believers as well as training those much further on in their adventure of following Jesus."

(£8.99 plus postage and packaging)


The Walk - Becoming a Jesus Follower

The Walk is designed primarily to help brand new Christians understand some basic foundations involved in following Jesus. It can also be used as a ‘refresher’ for those who have been disciples for quite some time.

(£3 plus postage and packaging)

The Walk Becoming a Jesus Follower
The Big Welcome

The Big Welcome

This 24 page full colour evangelistic booklet has sold more than 40,000 copies. A great 'giveaway' to someone exploring the Christian faith or to include in a church 'welcome pack'.

(50p each or 45p when ordering more than 100 copies, plus postage and packaging)

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